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Bringing peace and tranquility to your home or business might sound like a time consuming and expensive process. Sound can leak in through every window or door, meaning for complete control, you’ll need soundproof window and door treatments installed on all your fittings. But with EZ SoundProof, you don’t have to worry about renovations or pricey remodeling to get a soundproof window and door treatment. We use soundproof window treatments that attach behind your current fixtures, using the air space between as a buffer to reduce sound by up to 95 percent. For fast, affordable soundproof window and door treatments, call EZ SoundProof today!

Eliminate up to 95% of Exterior Noise

95% Noise Elimination

EZ SoundProof’s proven custom window treatment can reduce incoming sound by up to 95 percent.

30% - 50% Energy Savings

Install our high efficiency windows and start seeing the immediate benefits.

No Major Renovations

Our window treatment take about an hour so you won’t have to worry about prolonged renovations.

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Window Treatments to Provide Peace to Any Property

Whether you own a hotel by a highway, run a music school, or live by loud neighbors, reducing incoming sound isn’t luxury it’s a necessity. Soundproof window treatments provide a property comfort and peace from outside noise, and with EZ SoundProof, the process is affordable and quick. Our nationally acclaimed contractors provide you with a soundproof window treatment that installs in under an hour without any major construction work. You’ll immediately notice a difference as your window treatments reduce 95 percent of incoming sound, providing a quiet and calm environment no matter where you’re located.


Our Examples

View the following videos to learn more about our Soudproofing Services


Studio Soundproofing

Berklee College of Music chose us for soundproofing in noisy, downtown Boston. "The noise bombarding the studios from the streets outside made recording impossible." With our soundproof windows installed the silence is golden. "Now we only record the sweet music !"


Hotel Soundproofing

This Marriott Hotel faces a busy road and needed soundproofing. Noise complaints were costing money, guests couldn’t sleep and customer satisfaction was low. Our soundproof windows have eliminated the noise. Complaints are no more. Soundproof ratings are in the high 90s. "No more complaints means no more refunds."


City Noise Gone

Constant noise from the city. People shouting at 3AM, nightclubs emptying, this couple couldn’t sleep in their lovely home. "We had soundproof windows installed and now we sleep silently all night." The new windows give them a new life. Silence reigns once more.


Fast & Affordable Soundproof Window & Door Treatments Installation

When you work with EZ SoundProof, you’re working with a nationally proven team of quick and effective contractors. Since we provide national services, our prices are nationally competitive, making them affordable no matter where you live. And our soundproof window and door treatment contractors are all kept to universal standards of quality, so every soundproof window or door treatment we install is of the utmost quality. And with setup taking only an hour, the whole process is over before you know it. For fast, affordable, and reliable Soundproof windows and doors, trust our nationally recognized team.

Noise Blocking Measurement

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Close the Door on Intrusive Sound with Our Expert Soundproofing Services

At EZ SoundProof, we provide more than just window treatments to reduce incoming sound. Since doors are just as likely to let in unwanted noise, we offer soundproof door treatments as well. With both interior and exterior installation models, any room in your home or business can receive the complete quiet it needs. Whether you’re making a recording or practice studio, or soundproofing individual hotel rooms, our quick and affordable services offer the quiet you need without costing a fortune.

Soundproof Testimonials



This busy massage therapy studio needed a quiet workspace. The outside noise was so bad patients were complaining. "It was affecting business !" Patients now love how quiet the studio is, with our soundproof windows in place. Concentration levels are high, the studio is more productive and business is good.



This school for kids with ADHD was having problems. Students were being distracted by all the noise coming from the streets outside, concentration was impossible. "They would rush to the windows, to see what was happening outside." Our easy-to-install soundproof window treatments solved their problems. Now the teachers see greater attention from the kids. "They are focused on their work… not the traffic outside."



They weren’t getting any sleep. They’re living on an insanely busy street with incessant traffic noise and called us for help. They installed our soundproof windows. Now everyone is sleeping silently and they are looking forward to a long life in their home. The peace has everyone smiling.

Claim the Quiet You Need With Our Simple Soundproofing Solutions

If you’re looking for a fast, affordable, and simple solution to invasive sound pollution, look no further than EZ SoundProof. Our soundproof window and door treatments block up to 95 percent of incoming noise, offering immediate sound relief. Each window or door installs behind your current fixtures, allowing for a simple and quick set up. Plus, we offer customize to block out allergens and increase the energy efficiency of your property by keeping your climate controlled air inside effectively. To start your affordable soundproofing process by clicking to call or emailing our staff for a free estimate form.

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