Measuring for a Budget Estimate

Measuring Instructions

It’s extremely important that you measure your windows properly before ordering

If you have any questions about measuring your windows and the various mounting options please feel free to contact us so that we can assure the proper sizes for your application. Your home or business may require more than one mounting style so be sure to measure and assess each window’s needs separately.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Measuring Windows

Label the location of each door or window to be treated. This will make it easy to identify and separate when the door and window treatments arrive.

  1. For window measurements, measure the width and the height in three different places as shown on the form.
  2. Measure to the nearest 1/8th of an inch. Round DOWN to the nearest 1/8″.
  3. Describe the type of window you are measuring.
  4. Measure the depth of window from your existing window to the inside of the wall.

Tips to Measure for Soundproof Windows

  1. Use a metal tape measure – it will not stretch like a cloth tape and distort measurements.
  2. Round down to nearest 1/8″
  3. Measure each door and window; they may appear identical, but seldom are.
  4. Measure the width first, and then the height.
  5. Survey the door or window visually. Are there any obstructions such as window crank, step moldings or trim – anything that will affect the required operational clearance?
  6. Make copies of all window measurement forms before submitting them.