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I have a full blown night club 20 feet across an alley from my bed, the music noise from the club and street noise from patrons smoking and congregating in the street was unbearable. It has been reduced to nothing most of the time and maybe a low rumble, not very noticeable at peak times. Please note: this is a full modern, loud, popular night club.

The Soundproof windows that are installed in our home are excellent and the best windows that we could find in the USA. The quality, workmanship and quietness are superior to any other brand.

Richard Mann has been great to work with and we have had no issues or problems with the windows at all. We give our highest rating and you will be totally pleased dealing with Richard.

Excellent product… it works as represented. Easy to contact with questions and information. Easy DIY project, easy to understand instructions.

Key part of our noise reduction options.

Excellent product, excellent.

Richard Mann went the extra mile in finding me an installer and arranging for pickup and installation of the window. The window certainly makes a difference in sound. However the really noisy big snowplows have not been needed lately, so I don’t know how well the window mitigates that.

Having now used these windows for over two years on a busy corner with lots of traffic, they seem to provide the sound isolation as promised. The reason I can’t give 5 stars is that we still do have some sound, which is likely coming more through the walls than through the windows, but without that isolation it’s difficult to know if the windows are totally delivering the isolation as promised. Overall though, I’m satisfied with the product, and would purchase it again.

We absolutely love our soundproof windows. They really do the trick to keep out road noise.

It was also great working with Richard. We had a problem with one pane being broken in shipment, and Richard was relentless in making sure we got it corrected. We’ve told all our friends and neighbors how great these windows are.

Very professional and helpful.

The windows fit perfect and reduced the noise level considerable. Very easy to install.

The windows did a fantastic job of reducing the highway noise. Installation was very easy. Tech support was great.

The windows work great! I used them because my bedroom windows were on a busy street with a lot of buses throughout the morning and evening. The windows really helped greatly damped that noise and helped me sleep at night. They also keep the cold and warm drafts out and help with electric and heating bills. Setup was very easy with minimal tools required. I would certainly buy again.

Richard was extremely helpful answering my questions, allaying my concerns about paying upfront and when to expect delivery. He worked with me each step of the measuring and buying and delivery process, and I am very pleased with the windows. Installation was very smooth.

After purchasing a perfect Townhouse in a beautiful community with a super price, my enthusiasm didn’t let me hear the freeway on the other side of the picturesque pond. The soundproof window treatments restored the tranquility I expected in my new home. The windows looks great and does a wonderful job of stopping the endless highway noises.

Aside from the noise generated by an overwhelming number of trucks and cars,the entire stretch of 2nd Avenue has been under construction building a train tunnel under the roadway. The noise outside is so bad that a number of surrounding apartment buildings have actually been damaged from the constant banging of equipment digging the tunnel.

I could no longer deal with the constant banging so I turned to the internet for a solution. I quickly found my solution at the Soundproof Window Treatments website. Richard was great to work with explaining all details and steps along the way. The window treatments look beautiful and work fantastically! Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments!

I am a resident of the 700 block of 8th Street NE. For years, my neighbors and I have endured excessive noise generated by an assembled group’s amplified loudspeaker. The speakers’ drone was a constant annoyance and irritant. After several hours during a Saturday afternoon,the noise actually added to our stress level. It became difficult to conduct a conversation, read a book, or even take a nap.

I am now happy to say that thanks to Soundproof Window Treatments I no longer hear the chatter. It is so nice to get to sit in my living room in peace – thank you Richard!

We live in Florida. There was a loud noise in our bedroom from the air condition blow of next door two year ago. We can not sleep all night. I searched online and found soundproof windows may be a resolution.

I compared some companies for soundproof windows and found that the price of Soundproof Window Treatments was cheaper than others. But I did not know the service of the company.

I talked with Richard Mann about my concern. Richard helped us to choice a carpenter in our area to installed the windows. So our soundproof windows were delivered and installed smoothly with Richard’s help. After installed the soundproof windows, our bedroom is much quiet. We can sleep peacefully. It is two years, we still remember and appreciate the Richard’s effort.

I recently rebuilt a home within a few miles of Dulles International Airport. I knew that noise was one of the issues I wanted resolved. I expected to shell out thousands replacing walls and windows but was thrilled to meet Richard and see how easy it was to keep the sound out.Thank you Richard for all your help. You made my job simpler and incredibly successful.

Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments you really helped our family. Our house is about three miles from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. I normally love music but times like 11:30 on a Sunday night it’s not what I want to hear. My family needs its sleep and the music was definitely interfering before we got our window treatments. Now we can all fall asleep and stay asleep without any loud music.

I live along I95 and even with the highway sound barriers I was still hearing cars and trucks zooming by at all hours.

I researched various ways to keep the sound out and Soundproof Window Treatments made the most sense. Mr. Mann was very helpful in explaining all the steps and keeping me informed with the whole process.

My treatments have now been installed for 3 months and I can happily say I have not heard a truck wiz by since the day they were installed.

I live next to a sports stadium with a public address sound system that sounds like it was built for the astrodome. Whenever there’s a baseball, soccer, or football event I have the unpleasant experience of knowing every play and every point scored or not scored. Although it is next door and not really in my front yard, it makes no difference, I live with the NOISE.

I researched the internet for methods, materials, costs and suppliers. After hours and hours of research I found a local source with a local rep. Got him on the phone and in the first 5 minutes of conversation I knew I found the right avenue. Mr. Mann is extremely knowledgeable, quite easy to converse with and a good listener. He went directly to the heart of my issue and offered an affordable and immediate solution. A few days late he came over, took measurements and about 5 weeks later I was SOUNDPROOFED to my complete satisfaction. He kept me informed and was involved in every step of this painless process.

My condo is now heavenly quiet. It is hard to believe that something that is almost invisible can achieve such outstanding results. Although I have no plans of selling my condo, before I soundproofed it, I doubt that I could have ever found a buyer, unless he was deaf. As for doing business with Mr. Mann of Soundproof Window Treatments: He was excellent in every respect. He was immediate in his response, extremely helpful and quite knowledgeable regarding soundproofing. Everything proceeded according to his quote and his representation of the timing involved. I’m happy that I found his company’s website. It’s filled with lots of videos and photographs of his product installation. Quiet and invisible. I could not be more pleased!

This will be my second review of Soundproof Window Treatments. When Mr. Mann was here last and installed the 10 Soundproof Window Treatments that inspired me to give his firm the first review, we discovered that we completely overlooked soundproofing 2 skylights in my office. At the time I did not think it mattered. However after we discussed the physics of noise elimination it became eminently clear that to achieve the ultimate goal of effectively soundproofing my office with 8 windows plus 2 skylights it would be necessary to soundproof these two remaining skylights. Last week Mr. Mann returned and now with all ten windows in my office soundproofed with his products.

The silence is louder than the noise ever was. It is a totally new sensation. I can honestly say that my wife and I can hear the silence, as well as enjoy the quiet.

Equally amazing are the dramatic thermal benefits we achieved. My office with its 10 windows and 2 skylights has more exterior glass then every other room in my home. It was always the coldest. Now on the coldest, wettest and snowiest of days the room is the warmest room in the entire house. It is truly amazing with its 3 outside walls, all with wall-to-wall glass;it used to be the coldest room in the house. Now to my utter amazement it is the absolute warmest room in my home. The window surfaces with these Soundproof Window Treatments installed are WARMER than OUR WALLS.As a result we have ordered several more for 2 more rooms upstairs and in time will likely end up Soundproofing and thus Thermal-proofing every window in our home. My expectation is that we will be able to reduce our heating fuel costs by more than 50%. In addition we will completely eliminate the penetration of ultraviolet rays, as well as pollen, dust, dirt and any foul odors that emanate from Route 128 which is just 200 yards from my home. The cumulative effects of soundproofing my home/office from the highway traffic noise have borne benefits FAR BEYOND MY ORIGINAL EXPECTATIONS.

My home is now warmer, safer, healthier, costs me far less to heat and cool and protects my family from the full spectrum of UV rays. As well as eliminating dust, dirt,pollen and foul odors from penetrating the sanctity and security of my indoor environment. My investment in Soundproof Window Treatments has paid off 500% beyond my soundproofing expectations.

I bought a condo in Back Bay, in a building that literally overlooks I-90. The building is historic and architecturally significant, but the noise was unbelievable. I called Soundproof Window Treatments before buying it, and Richard Mann assured me that they could make a difference. On the basis of these conversations, I went ahead and bought the condo.We had agreed on sliding doors rather than panels because the extra gap space would stop the noise better. That design required the radiators to be moved, which we thought could be done — not easy, but it could be done.Unfortunately, it turned out that my condo association had a problem with the radiators being moved. The radiators were inside my unit, so we assumed that moving them didn’t require approval, but we were SO wrong! The association flat out refused to have the project go forward. The sliding doors had been manufactured at that point, so I couldn’t cancel the order. I was facing the prospect of having to write off what I had paid had already invested.To Richard’s credit, he arranged to have the doors reworked into window panels. The panels did not require that the radiators be moved.The panels were installed, and they looked very good, almost as if they were not there at all. I wish I could say that they eliminated all the traffic noise, but . . . I guess the I-90 is a formidable noise-generator. It doesn’t help that the noise bounces off the concrete walls, overpasses, and dividers that surround that part of I-90 near my condo. It would have taken a miracle to silence that. I will say that the noise level has been diminished considerably. I won’t try to guess by how much, but I definitely hear a difference. It’s much better than it used to be.

I commend Richard for seeing the project through despite all of the unexpected obstacles. He was always available to answer questions and was extremely responsive. He arranged for an architect to draw up plans and replaced a subcontractor to comply with the association’s concerns about workmen’s comp. I was not at the condo during the installation, so he and his team did everything without my supervision. They did a great job. You can trust Richard. He follows through and succeeds at doing what is fair.

When we bought our condo near Atlanta airport we knew we’d need some sort of sound proofing. Soundproof Window Treatments work great and since they’re removable they can not be seen from the outside there were no issues with my condo rules.

Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments for stopping the hum! I live on Cermak Rd. near a computer server facility that constantly has generators running. I felt like I was constantly being swarmed by bees! Now thanks to the window treatments the humming has finally stopped.

Having an apartment that is close to the pool seemed like a good idea until it started to be used. Tenants of all ages use the pool and they all make noise! Thanks to my Soundproof Window Treatments I can now see the pool but don’t have to hear all the chatter, screaming and splashing.

Three cheers to you Mr. Mann for quieting the fans! Living near Cowboys Stadium meant hearing lots of noisy fans both in and around the stadium. Now the only fans we hear are on the TV when we choose to watch the game.

My soundproof window has made it possible to sleep in my bedroom again and I am very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Soundproof to anyone or order one myself. Thank you for all your help,
Happy customer in a Florida Condo.

Richard Mann installed soundproofing windows in our bedroom which has two ultra windows overlooking the Mass Pike… We couldn’t be happier… the sounds of the rail station and subway and traffic on the expressway no longer intrude on our sleep… Beautiful! Thanks Richard!

Their performance, aesthetics, simplicity and affordability are unbeatable, in my opinion.

I live in Astoria, known as one of Queens’ noisiest neighborhoods yet you would never know it thanks to my Soundproof Window Treatments. Richard was a pleasure to work with from my first phone call to my last install. Thank you for keeping the sound where it should be – outside!

Thank you Richard Mann. I live within 2 miles of San Diego International Airport and I can honestly say I rarely if ever hear a plane fly over! Your window Treatments really work.

I live 12 stories up in a building above one of San Francisco’s noisiest intersections. Even though my apartment is 12 stories above the ground, several days a week, a street musician-across the street-plays his trumpet so that I could hear every note of every cheesy melody he played for passerby’s. Even with the blinds down and a fan on, I still heard him. Not anymore though thanks to my amazing Soundproof Window Treatments! Thank you Mr. Mann!

I live in an area that is close to Highway 56. When we moved in I knew we would hear the constant buzzing of traffic and were prepared to “deal”with that but then when the wind blew from the north east, the traffic noise became so unbearable. We tried getting heavy drapes for the windows but it didn’t really help and we missed the sunshine. Then I found Soundproof Window Treatments. It is like the highway has been moved. I can honestly say we don’t hear one car or truck anymore – at least not when we’re inside!

I live in a nice residential area of La Cañada but unfortunately so do a lot of teenagers who seem to partake in parties and underage drinking quite frequently. Some nights it seemed like the stereo was blaring in my living room not theirs! Aside from one of us moving out of the neighborhood I thought I had no options. Then I found your window treatments and voila problem solved. I can now go back to enjoying my quiet evenings at home with my family and listen to the music I choose to listen to. Thank you – great product!

I moved into an apartment on a major street feeding into downtown that is 6 lanes wide and packed during peak hours but pretty busy 24/7. My apartment is on the 3rd floor maybe 40 feet from the road and has huge single pane windows. The cars don’t just drive by; they brake for alight, and then accelerate again including large buses. I could hear all this in my apartment and after living in a very peaceful house I must say it was very annoying and I just couldn’t take it. I had even read a study about how people who live in areas of high traffic noise have worse health, more stress etc. and I didn’t want that to happen to me. I found Soundproof Window Treatments online and they solved the problem by covering my huge window panes with their soundproof window treatments. I still have my view but I don’t have to constantly hear all the cars, busses and trucks now. Thank you so much Mr. Mann.

On most mornings I would wake before dawn to the sounds of men hauling trash from the alley beneath my window in the East Village. I would hear the truck’s engine roaring, its radio blasting, and the shouts of the men. And when they raised the dumpster and dropped it back to the ground, it sounded like they were throwing air conditioners off the roof! Thanks to Soundproof Window Treatments now I actually get to wake up to my alarm clock and sometimes even sleep in! I occasionally even peek out the window just to make sure the garbage men have still done their job. I can’t believe I don’t hear a thing anymore! Great product!

I live on Stratford Avenue in Garden City and over the past 18 months there has been a significant increase in the number of airplanes flying over our home as they descend to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Some evenings planes will fly every 90 seconds along the same flight path from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., and then resume at 4:30 a.m. Not only was the noise incredibly annoying but it was actually affecting my entire family by causing my children to wake up during the night. It got to the point where I actually resorted to turning my central air conditioning system on just to provide background noise to help drown out the airplanes! After some research online I discovered Soundproof Window Treatments and I must say I feel like we have our normal life back! If I couldn’t see them I would think all the planes were rerouted. We all now enjoy our evenings and sleep soundly through the night. Thank you Richard!

The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new window treatments. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann!

I live in Georgetown and being in a college town there are always loud parties and lots of people out and about. I got tired of all the noise and my search led me to Mr. Mann. He was very helpful in our initial discussions and quickly got me set up with exactly what I need to enjoy my now quiet and relaxing evenings at home.

Noise from a club in the 800 block of Warner Street has been an ongoing problem for the neighborhood for awhile now. I am happy to say that thanks to your window treatments I am no longer one of the neighbors complaining about the noise!

The train was seriously starting to drive me crazy! In addition to squealing, there is a loud thumping when trains pass a crossover switch at South Walden Street, near the Mount Baker Station. I am so happy I discovered your company. I couldn’t imagine spending another day hearing those trains! Great staff and great product!

I live in Andersonville and even though my neighborhood is beautiful I was going crazy with all people in the hood who decide that mowing your lawn at 7 a.m. is a good idea. I started out by getting Soundproof Window Treatments for just my bedroom. I love them so much that now I’m thinking about getting the whole house done!

The 42nd Ward is a bustling, vibrant metropolitan area and home to new development and growth. Because of the high level of economic activity and construction in our downtown neighborhood we installed Richard Mann’s window treatments in our entire home. Now the noise stays on the streets where it belongs.

Having an apartment right in Lower Greenville is great. All the rooftop bar patios in the area complete with live music not so great when it comes time to go to bed. It got to the point where I would hear instruments blaring in my dreams. I couldn’t take it anymore! After some online investigating I came across Soundproof Window Treatments. They were installed in no time and now I get to choose when I want to go out and enjoy the music and when I want to sleep in peace and quiet.

Before I discovered Soundproof Window Treatments I was about to go insane from a dog of all things. My neighbors have a rather large dog that is kept outside 24/7. He frequently just stands at the fence and barks for hours on end. After speaking with my neighbors and the police and finding no resolution I contacted Richard Mann to resolve the problem a new way –by keeping the sound out. Now he can bark to his heart’s content and this neighbor doesn’t have to hear it!

When I moved in across the street from a fire station I did realize that I would occasionally be bothered by the sounds of sirens but not all the other noises associated with the station. I have since learned that they test the functionality of their chainsaws almost EVERY morning between the hours of 8AM and 9AM. I mean once a week understandable maybe a couple of times a week around 3PM or in the middle of the afternoon. But come on, in the morning they run the thing for over ten minutes. There was nothing like hearing my alarm to wake up over the comforting roar of a chainsaw and the ladder motor that they test as well. Obviously I needed help and Soundproof Window Treatments came to my rescue! I now wake to the sound of my alarm clock and only my alarm clock!

Great product – I live within a few miles of Pacific Raceways and can honestly say I have never heard a roar of an engine or squeal of a tire from inside my house! The soundproof treatments were worth every penny.

I live within a few miles of the Expo line construction but unlike all my neighbors I actually get to sleep! Thanks you Soundproof Window Treatments!

The early morning leaf blowers and delivery trucks that woke me up every morning are now a thing of the past – at least so it seems thanks to my new window treatments. I cannot believe how well they keep the sounds out – thank you Mr. Mann!

Wind turbines may supply power without pollution but many probably don’t realize they are also generating a lot noise and even health effects for people who live near them. The 240-foot- tall turbines I can see from my hilltop home near Boardman make so much noise they actually keep me awake at night. They also were giving me nausea by aggravating inner-ear and balance problems I’ve had since a 1966-67 tour in Vietnam. I couldn’t live where I’m living now with those decibels. Thank you so much Mr. Mann for working with me to make my home silent and livable again. I now feel healthy and get a good night’s sleep. These window treatments are a blessing.

I don’t know how any of my neighbors could live in the same neighborhood as Qualcom stadium without having these window treatments. Before having them installed we were constantly disturbed at all hours by traffic lined up hours before the games, ticket scalpers yelling on every corner, and the fans fighting, drunken misconduct, Then there was the oh so lovely sound of the use of the stadium for off street racing, piercing your eardrums for hours on weekends. It’s insane out there! At least now all the noise of the craziness we live in stay on the streets. Thank you Soundproof Window Treatments!

A skate park was recently built near my home in Brooklyn NY. It’s unbelievable but the noise of the skateboards on the ramps is equivalent to a freight train going through our house. My daughter became unable do her schoolwork, and my wife and I work full time and have very little down time as it is. This new noise was preventing us from watching TV and even talking on the phone. I believe it actually started to have a devastating effect on our health and we felt we could no longer find peace in our own home. Thus why we decided to try Soundproof Window Treatments. I was unsure about the cost at first but it has been well worth every penny to have our quiet home back. Thank you!

Before the installation of my Soundproof Window Treatments the sight of a truck pulling in front of my neighbor’s home always triggered attacks -sweats, heart palpitations, headache, and sour stomach. And worst of all, a terrible sense of dread. I knew, chairs would be unloaded from the truck and guests would take their seats in the driveway for yet another karaoke party in my quiet Mira Mesa neighborhood. Twelve hours of loud, off-key renditions of songs by the Beatles, Frank Sinatra,Barbra Streisand and Engelbert Humperdinck would follow. When I saw that truck, I’d start hyperventilating. My personality would change, too. My wife and my kids would see that I was becoming upset. It was very hard because I knew guests were on their way over and there was nothing I could do. It was so loud, so terrible. Now I can actually laugh when I see the truck pull up as I know all my other neighbors will be the one’s suffering while I get to spend the evening relaxing in my QUIET home! Thank you!

I live next to a high school stadium and I am on the inbound flight path to an airport. I have been an Engineer for 20 years and spent many hours researching the subject of soundproofing and probing the Internet for ways to reduce the outside noise in my condo. Somewhere in that search I found “Soundproof Window Treatments” – problem solved – end of story – absolutely no complaints about the way Richard Mann conducts his business. Richard came to my home, took all the window measurements and kept in touch through the manufacturing, shipping, and installation of the windows.A new SUPER SOUNDPROOF windows inside my existing windows – a soundproofing process he thoroughly explains on his website. You won’t be disappointed! E-mailed Richard and got a prompt reply. Was invited to his home to see and”hear” the soundproof windows he has installed there. He answered all of my questions and I placed an order. There was a piece missing in the order (stuff happens) – Richard made good on it immediately with a rush order to replace it. Installation was done perfectly and now the stadium and aircraft noise is only a whisper. I’ll say it again – You won’t be disappointed!

Soundproof Windows and Richard Mann provide interior windows that are installed inside existing windows, thus eliminating the need for replacement windows. I live above the Arborway in Jamaica Plain, an area chronically plagued by toxic noise emanating from the hundreds of ambulances that traverse the Arborway, 24/7. The windows are handsome and aesthetically pleasing (I ordered two for my kitchen) and they do eliminate virtually all of the ambient street traffic noise and much (I’d say 75%) of the siren noise. Thus, I feel that the investment was a worthwhile one. I’d like to have these windows installed throughout my house. This is a superior product—there are no shortcuts in dealing with urban noise toxicity—and these windows are definitely worth considering if you live in an area plagued by noise.Richard came by the house on very short notice to give me an estimate and he was punctual, professional,and knowledgeable. The windows are made to order and manufactured in Nevada—you must pay up front for the cost of the windows and they take about four weeks to arrive. The installation itself could not have gone smoother—Richard met the shipping company freight truck here at my house with a helper and they off loaded the windows and installed them in less than two hours. The windows look great and the installation was done neatly, efficiently, and professionally. Richard Mann and Soundproof Windows have provided me with a great product, a superior installation, and a most positive contractor experience. I would definitely hire them again.

We live on Barry Ave in LA and before installing your window treatments it was not uncommon for a big jet to scream in low and wake us up at close to 2 AM! The intrusions happened again and again throughout the weeks, months and years, and it only got worse. The loud sounds and sleep deprivation was becoming a form of torture for my family. Your product is amazing and it actually saved us by stopping the jet torture!!!

Living in Dupont Circle, the heart of Washington, DC’s nightlife there were not many times when it was actually quiet in my apartment. I’m happy to say that has all changed now that I’ve got my new Soundproof Window Treatments. These interior soundproof window treatments are truly amazing. They look beautiful and somehow keep all the noise on the streets below where it should be. Thank you Richard.

Corte Sosegado has the look of a quiet suburban street, with homes neatly painted off-white with rust-colored trim and well-groomed yards. But there’s nothing quiet about it. Since lanes were added to I-15, we all hear the constant roar of tires thundering on pavement, truckers’heartily downshifting and applying air brakes, and motorcyclists revving their engines. And by the end of the year, the freeway will grow to 14 lanes, up from nine. My family and I longed for the days when all we heard was the low rumble of white noise from the freeway. I tried sleeping with earplugs and a homemade sound wall propped against the sliding glass door in my bedroom but nothing worked. Finally I got in touch with Richard Mann and he brought the serenity back to my home by installing some real soundproofing that actually works on my windows and doors. Thank you so much your product is amazing.

I’ve lived on Capitol Hill for more than 10 years now. I am happy with an urban life, and am happy to endure my fair share of urban noise,including flight noise. However, starting last summer, I noticed an incredible increase in the number of flights, and in particular shockingly low flights directly overhead. We started being awoken at night from jets regularly, and conversations often had to cease in 3 minute intervals. This was not how I was used to living my life nor how I planned to live it. Richard your window treatments have been a lifesaver! We got them about 6 months ago and since then have not had to deal with the sound of the jets. It’s amazing how well a simple window addition can work. Thank you so much!

I live on Mass Ave at the corner of Tremont St., in the South End and the construction and traffic the noise was making it difficult and at most times impossible to sleep. We could hear everything, buses idling,sirens (Boston Medical Center), horns, motorcycles. We hired Richard Mann to install our soundproof windows in early January and things have been MUCH better since then. I can sleep through the night with no problem. I can barely hear the traffic outside. They look very good too. The fit and finish is all custom carpentry and consequently looks very good and fits in the existing window box perfectly. The carpentry took one afternoon and the window install took another few hours. I have nothing at all to complain about. Lastly, Richard is a nice guy who is extremely responsive to phone calls and/or emails and is very transparent with pricing. He runs the kind of company that you want to do business with.

We live in a condo in downtown Atlanta and the noise levels especially on the weekends are unbearable. We love our condo but were starting to think we would have to move because we just couldn’t sleep. Then we found Soundproof Window Treatments. We figured it was worth a shot since we really didn’t want to leave. The treatments are even better than we could have ever imagined! Thank you Mr. Mann for giving us back our sleep and allowing us to stay in our home.

These Soundproof Window Treatments have saved my life. My house is situated as close to the MassPike as it could possibly be, so all day everyday you would have to contend with the noise from rush hour traffic, mid-day commuters, and constant road work. Richard explained to me how the soundproof windows work. I just figured that any improvement would be worth the expense. Fortunately my expectations were far surpassed! The windows perform beautifully and it is actually pleasant to be home. In my opinion they are cheap at thrice the price. And they are not inexpensive.

All the other reviews have commented on how effective these windows are, so I will not say too much –they really work. What I want to say here is how efficient and professional Richard and his team are. From the get-go, Richard provided honest information, with accurate an quote. We were told that these windows are not cheap, but if you want a quiet room to live and sleep in, it will be more than worth the money. After we paid for the windows, they arrived after 5 weeks. Richard and his team were there, waiting for the delivery truck, and they did all the unpacking, delivering, and installation. They were courteous and professional. Everything is done in a couple of hours. Then you are left with a super-quiet room, standing there wondering “Why didn’t I do this two years ago?”

We recently moved into a home near the Atlanta Motor Speedway. We heard some noise when we originally saw the house but had no idea how loud and annoying it really was until we were finally settled into our new dreamhome. The noise was so bad that it was hard to even focus or concentrate. My wife and I were starting to wonder if our great new purchase was actually the biggest mistake of our lives! After some online research I found Mr. Mann’s company and immediately contacted him. He was incredibly helpful and informative and got us set up with everything we needed to block out all those car sounds. We now can say we are completely happy in our new home. Thank you!

I live in a condo in Lakeshore East where there has been ongoing construction for at least the past four years and it is set to continue for at least 7 more. The constantly banging and machinery was starting to drive us nuts. It’s amazing how quickly hearing the same sounds over and over can really start to affect your health and mental state. We couldn’t sleep or relax in our own home. Our condo complex has very strict laws about renovations and changes to the appearance of your condo so I wasn’t sure if there was any way to block out the sound. Fortunately Richard Mann had the answer and now we unfortunately still have to watch the construction vehicles but at least we don’t have to hear them!

Richard Mann your Window Treatments are a blessing! We live right across the street from a very loud church in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. At first we thought it was kind of nice being near a place of worship, but we quickly got fed up. There are very loud services with singing and all sorts of instruments that are probably amplified, as well as random drumming practices. It goes on for hours, and it’s on weekdays and weekends. I work from home, and it’s nice to work in cafes, but I hated the feeling like I couldn’t enjoy my own home. Plus, not being able to relax in our living room on Sunday evenings was kind of a bummer. The soundproof treatments are beautiful and worth every penny!

Thank you Mr. Mann for my Soundproof Window Treatments. Beachwood Drive,where I live is a very popular place with the tourist. Tour buses crowded with photo-snapping tourists drive up and down the street generating ridiculous amounts of noise. On weekends, it’s every 10 minutes and in the past six months; it has gotten a lot worse. The busses blast their speakers and cruise the streets after dark. Now I finally don’t have to hear it anymore and I’m more grateful than you will ever know!

I live in an apartment in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas right across the street from a bar. Many nights the music and people outside were so loud I couldn’t sleep at all. I wasn’t happy at home and my work was suffering due to lack of concentration. Something had to be done! I got in touch with Richard Mann and now all my windows have soundproof treatments. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical but these are absolutely amazing. I recommend them to people all the time.

After moving into my new apartment with the beautiful view of the bay I quickly discovered a major problem – watercraft more specifically Jetskis, Sea Doos, and Waverunners. They are fun to watch but definitely not fun to hear for extended periods of time. I got in touch with Richard Mann and in no time my beautiful picture windows were soundproofed. I still have my amazing view but no longer need to hear the engines.

Shortly after a new club opened just across the street from the apartment building I live in on Belmont Avenue I knew I needed to find some sort of soundproofing. The place is too loud at night. Especially the outdoor patio of theirs. People sit out there and get tipsy, and get a little too merry every night. Then at 1:30, 2 a.m., they take out the trash’crash-crash-crash!’ with bottles clanking at 2 a.m. It was worse than fingernails across a chalkboard. Boy am I happy I discovered Soundproof Window Treatments. These must be the best product on the market because they don’t just mute the sound but actually completely block it out it’s amazing. Thank you so much!

I live next to a sports stadium with a public address sound system that sounds like it was built for the astrodome. Whenever there’s a baseball, soccer, or football event I have the unpleasant experience of knowing every play and every point scored or not scored. Although it is next door and not really in my front yard, it makes no difference, I live with the NOISE. The noise lives in my living room. Although I am an engineer with many years of aircraft design knowledge and experience, noise in my home was a new field of investigation. I researched the internet for methods, materials, costs and suppliers.

After hours and hours of research I found a local source with a local rep. Got him on the phone and in the first 5 minutes of conversation I knew I found the right avenue. Mr. Mann is extremely knowledgeable, quite easy to converse with and a good listener. He went directly to the heart of my issue and offered an affordable and immediate solution. A few days late he came over, took measurements and about 5 weeks later I was SOUNDPROOFED to my complete satisfaction. He kept me informed and was involved in every step of this painless process. My condo is now heavenly quiet. It is hard to believe that something that is almost invisible can achieve such outstanding results.

Although I have no plans of selling my condo, before I soundproofed it, I doubt that I could have ever found a buyer, unless he was deaf. As for doing business with Mr. Mann of Soundproof Window Treatments: He was excellent in every respect. He was immediate in his response, extremely helpful and quite knowledgeable regarding soundproofing. Everything proceeded according to his quote and his representation of the timing involved. I’m happy that I found his company’s website. It’s filled with lots of videos and photographs of his product installation. Quiet and invisible. I could not be more pleased!

We live in a historic building in a very central part of Boston near Charles St, the Boston Common, and Beacon St. Although we love the location, one thing that always drove us crazy was the noise. Since our building is “historic”, we’re not allowed to make any changes to the exterior or appearance.

After 5 months of sleeping badly, we did some internet research, and discovered Richard and Soundproof Window Treatments. I spoke briefly with Richard on the phone to get more information, and then scheduled an appointment. Richard came to the apartment, took window measurements, and gave us a very detailed estimate including shipping. The estimate was almost exactly what the total price ended up (with some variability due to UPS rates).

The windows took approximately 6 weeks to manufacture and ship. As these things go, the day/time that UPS was available was my one ‘can’t miss’meeting at work, so I wasn’t able to be at the apartment early enough to receive the shipment. I ended up mailing the key to Richard, who coordinated the logistics with UPS and took care of everything! When I returned home from work, Richard and his assistant were just wrapping up, and the window looked fantastic. Not only did it blend in seamlessly with what was already there, but if you didn’t know any better, it just looks like it’s always been there. The best part… The street noise has been COMPLETELY eliminated. We just don’t hear it. At all. The windows worked exactly as advertised, and look good to boot. If you need soundproofing windows, I can wholeheartedly recommend Richard and Soundproof Window Treatments.

My wife and I live near a busy road and were interested in changing our windows to add some additional sound proofing to the house. We had little experience with window replacement or home repairs, so we were delighted when we met Richard Mann. Richard is above all an honest and incredibly knowledgeable person in regards to home repairs, window designing and replacement, and sound proofing. Prior to meeting Richard, we had contacted three other window companies all of whom gave us estimates above $15,000 to replace all of our windows us in aggressive sales tactics.

What a welcome relief Richard was! Richard methodically explained to us the science of window sound proofing and then took us on a tour of his previous commissions. He explained to us that we did not need new windows, which were all less than 10 years old, but rather interior sound proofing windows. This alone saved us more than half on the prior estimates! Richard ordered our soundproofing windows and then installed them in our house. It went quite smoothly, they were all professionals. They were quite protective of my property and did an excellent job of cleaning up. What a pleasant experience! Furthermore, Richard noted some additional repairs that needed to be done around the house and did them for free! What a refreshing experience! As a home-owner who has dealt with numerous contractors and repairmen, I can wholeheartedly say that Richard is the most outstanding contractor I have ever dealt with. He is honest, hard-working, knowledgeable, and he’s a great guy to boot! He is definitely worth your time!

A couple years ago, I purchased a condo in Cleveland Circle. I thought this would be an ideal location with all of the great shopping dining amenities and a “T” stop so very close. However, I was not prepared for the noise that greeted me the moment that I moved in. After many sleepless nights due to screeching trains and rowdy students yelling outside my building, I didn’t think that I would last more than a few months in my new place.Since my condo association’s building regulations wouldn’t allow for new exterior windows, I didn’t think there was much of anything that I could do. That was until I stumbled upon Soundproof Window Treatments on the web. Their windows sit inside the exterior windows so there was no issue with the condo policy. I contacted Richard Mann at Soundproof Window Treatments who promptly gave me a quote and was a pleasure to deal with during the entire process. I’ve now had the windows installed for almost two years and can’t express how thankful I am to have made this investment. The windows completely eliminated the noise that had once killed my sleep. I also appreciate that these windows open and close like any other window so on pleasant quiet days I can keep my windows open if I want. I’m just now ordered four more soundproof windows in my living room to take advantage of the substantial tax credit for energy-efficient windows. I’ve been so happy with my bedroom windows that I would, without a doubt, recommend these to anyone wishing to have more peace and quiet in their homes. 

I cannot say enough about these windows! First I live in a condominium complex that has tougher than tough rules and regulations. I was not allowed to replace the entire window unit and Richard offered the ultimate solution… Interior windows that go over the inside of the window and VERY cost effective.They are virtually unnoticeable and the savings is unbelievable! No more drafts AND the other benefit…I have dogs so they reduce the noise as well. Richard was the ultimate professional and did an unbelievable job…clean…timely…pricing / budget and did I mention CLEAN. Wow.

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