Noise reduction can be easy and affordable

Our Soundproof Window Treatments are independent secondary systems installed in front of your existing exterior windows. They are not replacement windows. Our Sound Proof Window Treatments are made of hardened and toughened 3-ply crystal clear acoustic laminated glass and industrial gauge anodized aluminum frames.

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Our Soundproof Windows sit on your window sill.
Attach on 4 sides to your window opening.
Does not change the look of your windows.
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Easy, clean and quick installation

Soundproof Window Treatments are not replacement windows. Your current windows remain in place. Our windows go in front of your existing windows so there’s no need for the inconvenience of major renovations.

Easily installed, the entire job can be done in about 40 minutes each with no mess.

Where does the noise enter?

About 90 percent of the external noise entering the home comes in through windows and doors. Soundproof Window Treatments block outside noise from entering your home, making for a nice, quiet, peaceful environment. When external noise impacts your windows, they create vibrates that amplify the sound. Soundproof Window Treatments eliminate 75-95% of that noise.

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STC Comparisons

Single-pane comparison

Single-pane window

Soundproof Windows & Doors and single-pane window

Dual-Pane comparison

Dual-pane window

Soundproof Windows & Doors and dual-pane window

STC Ratings WITHOUT our Soundproof Windows

Single Pane Windows
Without Soundproof Windows – STC Rating 27


Double Pane Windows
Without Soundproof Windows STC Rating 28

STC Ratings WITH our Soundproof Windows

Single Pane Windows
With Soundproof Windows – STC Rating 46 or greater


Double Pane Windows
With Soundproof Windows STC Rating 48 or greater

People of many nationalities speak about our products

We value our clients. Each and every customer receives individual, customized, personal attention. From your very first inquiry, we work together with you one-on-one to determine the most appropriate product and installation to fulfill your specific needs.

Greek Impressions

Mandarin Chinese Evaluations

Hindi Assessments

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75-95% noise elimination forever


99% less allergens, pollen, dust, soot forever


30-50% energy savings forever

Testimonial Videos

Real soundproof window customer testimonials and reactions to their installed Soundproof Window Treatments. Make your home quieter, healthier, and safer for everyone. These videos show many custom noise solutions we offer. Call us, we want to answer all of your questions: 866-547-5376.

High-End Property/ Noise Attenuated

Asthma, Pollen, Hay Fever, Skin Cancer / Work-at-Home Silence Required

Typical city soundscape to “Sleep Like a Baby”

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Soundproof Windows Customer Reviews

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